We are an international, non-profit news agency staffed by a team of professionals and volunteers who are convinced that the extraordinary wisdom of the Pontiff and the Catholic Church can nourish hope, and assist all of humanity to find truth, justice and beauty.

What is our goal?
Inform with the utmost professionalism and fidelity to the truth, and with the most efficient use of available technologies, about the "world seen from Rome"; that is, seen through the message of the Pope and the Holy See.

Inform about the great events of the Church in the world, the arguments, the debates, the events that especially affect the life of the Christians of the five continents.

Why was ZENIT created?
In the team of professionals and volunteers there has always been the conviction of the extraordinary richness of the message of the Catholic Church, especially its social doctrine, as a light to understand current affairs

Join us in the task of the New Evangelization launched by Saint John Paul II, according to the mandate of Christ.

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